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My new multi use sleep system arrived yesterday, it consists of a Western Mountaineering Summerlite sleeping bag, a Western Mountaineering Down Hooded Flash Jacket and a pair of Western mountaineering Flash Down Pants. The bag and clothes appear to manufactured to a high quality.

The idea of the down jacket and pants is to use the down clothing around camp and then on cold nights be able to wear the clothing inside the sleeping bag to increase the rating of the sleeping bag.

Western Mountaineering Sleeping bag

The Sleeping bag in storage bag weighs in at 600.9g, without the storage bag 574.4g, the manufacturers average weight for the 180cm Summerlite is stated at 525g. this sleeping bag is rated at 0ºC and is filled with 275g of 850+ rated loft down, the bag is made in the US.

Down Jacket Western Mountaineering Down Hooded Flash Jacket

The Down Hooded Flash Jacket weighs in at 310.2g, there was no storage bag and the manufacturers average weight is stated at 311.8g, the jacket is filled with 85g of 850+ rated loft down, the jacket is made in Canada.

Down Pants Western Mountaineering Flash Down pants

The Western Mountaineering Flash Down pants weigh in at 214.5g, the also was no storage bag, the manufacturers average is stated at 180g, the pants are filled 57g of 850 +loft  down and the pants are made in Canada

Total weight 1125.6 g

The manufacturers average stated weights add up to 1016.8g which is 108.8g lighter than actually measured, as a lightweight gear freak I am a bit disappointed by the amount (10%) of the difference.

I am planning to use the sleeping bag and down clothing on a trip up Hannels Spur to the Main Range in Australian Alps at the end of November.

I would like to add that I purchased my Western Mountaineering gear from Backcountry gear The service that I recieved form this company was first class and I thought it was worth a metion.


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The Castle

The Castle walk inthe Budawangs National Park, New South Wales, in my opinion it is one of the best day walks around, it has just about every thing that one could want in a walk with some climbing, some scrambling through a cave, walking along a narrow ledge with a big drop and brilliant views, the day we did the Castle we had a clear sky and there was not a breath of wind

Start of the climbing

some more climbing

The view from the Castle, Pidgeon House Mountain in the distanceThe view from the Castle is one of the best around, the peak in the distance is Pidgeon House Mountain and recieved this name from Captain Cook in 1770, the walk up Pidgeon House is an interesting walk also.

With a bit of rope

 A few meters behind me we had to walk over a ledge with a slope on it, with no hand grips and a very large drop, it was quite scary for a non climber.

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