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One Friday evening a few weekends ago, my mate Dave and I backpacked into nice river somewhere in the Australian High country to do some fly fishing, Dave brought along his No 4 and his Tenkara Yamame rod, I had decided to go lightweight and only brought along my Yamame rod. We had planned to fish Friday evenings rise but it was raining heavily so we settled down around the fireplace in an old cattleman’s hut and had a nice evening eating our gourmet takeaway curry and drinking some Port.


On Saturday morning we started fishing at about 7.30am, Dave decided to use his No 4 rod and as mentioned previously I only had my Yamame rod. The conditions where just about perfect, it had been raining the day and night before and the river had a good flow in it and we had a slight breeze to our backs, we both tied on much the same combination a small brown dry with a beaded nymph trailing about 30 cm below. After a few casts I hooked up a nice half kilo (1 pound) rainbow, Dave also did not take long for his first. Dave is a fly fisherman who likes to do a bit of bushwalking but I am a Bushwalker who likes to do a bit of fly fishing, in the 6-7 years I have fishing with Dave all but once he has out fished me but for some reason that morning I was doing better on my Yamame, I was catching three fish to Dave’s two. Early on in the morning I was catching the fish up on the nymph but as the morning was passing I started to get more on the March Brown or Royal Wulff dry fly, some where small but most where around half a kilo, a few a bit bigger, all where released.

A nice Tenkara cast

As the temperature heated up things started to slow down, we decided to go back to camp, have some lunch a rest (sleep) and fish the evening rise, I had a tally of around 15 rainbows and browns, Dave with his No 4 had only about 10, I had out fished him with my simple lightweight Tenkara rod, a rare feat.

A nice spot to fish

That evening Dave taking my lead, decided to use his Yamame, we wondered down to different part of the river, Dave started at the middle of a big pool and I started up stream at its head, I tied on a Royal Wulff and on my first cast I caught a nice 600-700g rainbow, at that spot I landed three very nice rainbows, after my second I had decided to move on and had collapsed my rod, the line was still in the water, when I started to pull the line in a nice little rainbow could not resist, I had my third from the same spot and dinner, who needs a rod.

The long pool where Dave hooked and lost a nice 1.5kg rainbow

I continued slowly upstream, after a short time my evening tally was 5, all over half a kilo, I kept one for dinner, expecting Dave to have kept one too, after about 40 minutes Dave caught up to me, he had hooked what he thought was a 1.5 kilo (three pound) rainbow, fought it for a few minutes before it broke him off in the rushes, he decided to move on but when he went to collapse his Yamame, the second and third sections where stuck hard, Dave unfortunately broke the second section trying to release the stuck pieces, he was pssed off, and was especially po’fd when I told him I had five but only kept one, Dave had no dinner, so I loaned Dave my rod, he fished for about ten minutes before he decided that it was not his night, I took over and hooked a very nice rainbow right in front of him, me 21, Dave 10.

After a very nice meal of trout and pasta sitting around the hut fireplace , we finished off the Port and retired ready for a mornings fish, this was to be a different day, we where on the river at around 7.30 again, this time the breeze was coming from up stream, I was finding the fishing hard going, Dave was nailing it, his more powerful no 4 was allowing him to cast much further than I was with my Yamame. We fished until 10.30 am, Dave had 12-13 more and after some very hard work I had only three, in the end we both had caught around 24-25 fish each. It was a real good test putting the No 4 and the Yamame against each other, why did I out fished Dave on Saturday, I have no idea, the fishing gods where with me, but on the Sunday, I had some problems casting into the slight breeze, my fly was not landing well at all, the three fish I did manage to hook where when the wind had died down.

All I can say that in the end neither rod or person was the better, but most important of all, we had a very enjoyable weekend, and the river had been a pleasant surprise.

Dave has just e-mailed me and the new and spare tips have arrived, outstanding service from Tenkara USA.



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